datmolux - a modern concept of public lighting

INDOOR Radiocontrol SYSTEM


DATmoRadioControl is our own wireless lighting control system guaranteeing a fast return on investment thanks to the replacement of existing luminaires and the regulation of LED lighting. This system brings a number of benefits, which can be summarized in several areas:


  • Replacement of the original luminaire with a luminaire with control is simple and does not require a change of the existing electrical installation - piece by piece
  • If necessary, the luminaires can be put into operation gradually
  • The main advantage is the possibility of setting up the system according to the individual needs of the customer
  • The lighting system is modular so it can be expanded at any time according to the client's needs
  • No investment for special control HW, without PLC, etc.
DATmoLUX - a modern concept of public lighting

System outputs

  • Part of the contract is visualization and monitoring of the lighting system
  • The client continuously recieves outputs that evaluate all operating parameters
  • One of the key benefits is the measurement of the consumption of both individual luminaires and the entire system
  • In addition to consumption, we obtain information on the operating time, lighting time and current power consumption
  • In addition to the luminaires themselves, we also evaluate ambient conditions, such as temperature, quality and humidity measurements
  • The output of this information is a graphical representation of the system parameters and the achieved savings
  • In the case of any problem, an alarm message is sent to alert us to a possible fault in the luminaire or data transmission

System control

DATmoLUX will set up the system according to the client's requirements. Changes in system settings based on the current needs of the client are simple and can be made by the customer himself.

What do you control?

  • Sorting luminaires into sections and creating scenes according to changes in production technologies and lines, warehouses, etc.
  • User option to create a lighting plan
  • Autautomatic creation of room lighting according to the production plan (eg from Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Management of users and access rights
  • Lighting control according to the contribution of daylight - sensor measuring light intensity
  • Lighting control according to the presence and movement of people - motion sensor
  • The possibility of manual control of the entire lighting system, its parts and individual luminaires

How do you control the system?

  • Wireless controller - button, RFID card or chip
  • Possibility of control via web browser (mobile phone, tablet, touch panel, PC)
  • Operation in the free frequency band, 868MHz (916MHz) - 62 channels, secure encrypted communication
  • Wireless sensors and controls - operation in the free frequency band
  • Possibility of remote administration

DATmoDATmoRadioControl works in a mesh network so it is resistant to information loss, interference and faults, and is suitable for fragmented and changing spaces.

System components:

  • SW for control and visualization (Linux, Windows)
  • Gateway (concentrator)
    • Wireless light control module
    • Wireless sensors and controls


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