datmolux - a modern concept of public lighting


The company DATmoLUX a.s. produces its own line of switchboards for public lighting. The switchboard is built into the mounting cage, which allows for the fast replacement of the switchboard in the pillar, as well as the extension of the gear of the switchboard from a simple variant only with a switching clock up to a fully equipped switchboard for communication with the luminaires. The switchboards can operate completely autonomously or they can be controlled from a dispatching centre. Different modules for solving communal problems, which may not always be related to the lighting, can be part of the switchboard. In this case, the control unit is extended by universal inputs/outputs, the status of which is transferred to the dispatching workplace.

The interior space of the switchboard allows for a simpler version of the technology for the unidirectional ‘command’ of the luminaires (DATMO Control) to be placed here, or in the most exceptional cases, to place voltage regulators and stabilisers for luminaires with sodium discharge lamps here.

Switchboards which are mounted with some sort of a control unit from the DATMO set can communicate with the dispatching workplace via various communication links.

These consist of

  • radio-modems
  • GPRS modems
  • optical fibres
  • metallic links
  • Wi-Fi


DATmoLUX a.s.
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